Cerebrals Society is dedicated to the search of high intellectual giftedness among individuals, bringing highly gifted individuals together, and making full use of high intellectual giftedness for the good of human society in general, where possible. Cerebrals Society will strive to reach understanding and promote thoughtfulness within as without, to spread what it gathers and reach always one step further into uncertainties of humanity. In this, we may fail from time to time, but final successes are always traced by the failures that preceded.

The Constitution of Cerebrals, Stephan Wagner Damianowitsch, Co-President (March, 2002)

  • How to become a Member?

To become a Member, the applicant (legally mature) must provide with an evidence of a score at or above the percentile level of 99.7 compared to the general population (a non-exhaustive list of accepted tests is given in the Application Form).

A supervised test score is required. However, the C-12 may be used as an alternative method (prior to take it contact the Psychometrician for details: psychometrician[@]cerebrals.org).  Two additional easier and shorter subtests are also required for persons wishing to take the C-12 for admission.

Use the Application Form to apply. It has to be sent by email to psychometrician[@]cerebrals.org along with a scanned copy of an original score report (psychologist’s contact details must be visible).

Moreover, applicants need to include an ID picture for the website.

  • Membership benefits includes:

Joining the Cerebrals Society is an unique way to interact with other intellectually-gifted individuals. Our society hosts a private page providing with a list of all the members.

Furthermore, every member has an own dedicated profile page including several details such as email address, country of origin and native language.

Additionally, our club owns both a Facebook group and a Linkedin group so that Members can use social medias to exchange.