New Blogging Section for Cerebrals Members

All Cerebrals members are invited to take part in this Blog.


We will need to register your account, so send an email to founder at from the email account with which you applied when you were joining Cerebrals. Afterwards, it’s all automatic You just log into the Admin area and you will have access to posting entries to the Blog and more. When you click at your profile on the main Blog page you will have the opportunity to format your profile (bio, location, birthdate, avatar, etc.).

Just let us know which user name (screen name) you want to take.


The blogging technology holds great promise for a different kind of communication. It allows for a sort of column-like diary (or diary-like column) and cuts back on conflicts and repetitions that plagued many community forums.

Since blog postings are rarer than numerous forum postings, they stimulate more depth and will most likely attract a huge readership from among the general public since Cerebrals members and their thoughts by their highly gifted nature hold potential to attract.

Cerebrals Blog entire will be traceable by category to which they belong as well as by the author or time of posting, so it gives you a chance to start a real multi-topic column of your own for a potentially huge readership and from the position of a Cerebrals member.

Blog also represents a kind of self-editing online journal, which can easily take place of a long overdue COJ. In many ways, Cerebrals Blog can launch Cerebrals into a new phase of its existence.

Xavier Jouve

Founder and Co-President of Cerebrals Society. PhD in Experimental Psychology; MSc in Finance.

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